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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Freedom of Trading Forex For a Living

Becoming a successful trader in foreign exchange currency is easy if you know the way and the methods to do currency trading in the forex market. All over the world, there are about 40 million people who are trading forex online for a living. These people comprise of not only professional traders in huge financial institutions and hedge funds, but also independent individual traders who are successfully reaping consistent profits enough to fund their lifestyle. Trading for a living can afford you the lifestyle of your dreams, where you have freedom of time, place and money.

You can have freedom of time, because the forex market is operates 24 hours a day, because currency is exchange throughout the world across different time zones. You can choose when you want to trade. You can trade at a time of your convenience. If you are having a day job, you can trade after office hours. If you are a homemaker, you can trade after you have finished your household chores, or when the children are asleep. Or, if you are trading full time, you can choose to trade 9am to 5pm to maximize your profit potentials too. It is entirely up to you.

You would also have the freedom of place, as the forex market is not confined to any one place or country. You can trade anywhere, anytime you like, as long as you have an internet connection. If you like traveling, forex trading is the ideal job for you, as the foreign currency market is borderless. You can even take your family on vacation to some exotic country, and trade in your spare time, for example, while waiting for your lovely wife and kids to get dressed and ready for that exquisite dinner that you are taking them to. You can even trade while lounging beside the swimming pool of that 6-star hotel that you and your family are staying in while on vacation, watching your wife and kids play in the water. For some people who prefer a structured place to trade, you can still set up your own office, gather a few trader friends, and trade together in a structured environment, with news updates facilities. You have the freedom to create your own lifestyle.

You also have the freedom of money, as once you have learned the skills of forex trading, you are able to treat trading like your very own automated money machine. You can trade when you need money for your financial objectives.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Mindset of Success in Trading(Forex Trading,Oil Trading,Gold Trading)

The Mindset of Success in Trading(Forex Trading,Oil Trading,Gold Trading)

Every successful forex trader would have his own methods and secrets of currency trading. Does trading success depend on accurate forex technical analysis? Good forex signal system? Good automated forex trading software? Good broker? Although all these are important, but the foremost important factor of all, is the mindset of a forex trader when he approaches his trades.

Is formal academic education background a prerequisite for success as a trader? The answer is no. You do not need to have a degree in business, economics or even investment analysis. Although it may help you have deeper understanding of the different strategies, but it is not a prerequisite for trading. Anybody from all walks of life, can trade, as long as he or she has a mindset of success and is willing to learn. A teachable attitude is more important than any knowledge of Fibonacci, moving averages or charting indicators. Having the correct mindset is the key to success in trading forex (or even success in anything in the world, for that matter!).

Without the proper and correct mindset, the currency trading would not go far in his trading journey, and would eventually stop trading altogether, especially when he faces challenges in the volatile onslaught of the forex market. But a trader with the mindset of success, would be able to handle these challenges well, and seek for the solutions, as well as seek professional help. With this attitude, he would be able to continue his journey towards professionalism in his trades.

Trading discipline is essential to ensure consistent success. As traders typically work alone very independently with full autonomy without reporting to anyone, the ones who succeed are those that are able to instill self-discipline in themselves. Foreign currency traders without self-discipline are usually disciplined by the forex market in a matter of time. A good mindset and discipline goes hand-in-hand to ensure success.

A beginner to forex trading should cultivate good habits and set the correct mindset right from the start. He should know what when he is on a winning streak, do not be greedy and try to go for bigger gains even though it is against proper money management practices. And, if he is losing, he should be disciplined enough to stop trading for awhile, and contemplate his losses. Find out the reasons for the losses, and make tweaks to his trading strategies. As a good practice, he should do plenty of back-testing on his newly formulated strategies, and forward test it on live data for at least awhile, before he dives back in again with real trades.